Sunday, January 9, 2011

Disney! YAY!!!

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Oh MY Oh MY!! We just returned from Disney World, and boy was it fun. We went there so TEAM DENVER could run in the Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend. My dad and I ran the 5K and J ran the half marathon. I had originally planned on running in the half, but I have been having a lot of back problems since I had Brita... and switched to the 5K. (more on the back problems later)

Here are a few shots of our trip... HOLY COW, did Denver have fun!
Denver meeting Tigger.... We had breakfast with Pooh and friends.
He was SOOO excited about meeting "Everyone" but then when he finally got face-to-face, we was so shy... He's all Talk. He did give Tigger a hug though. And he rubbed Pooh's Belly. :-)
 Brita wasn't to interested.

 Denver checking out Cinderella's Castle. He was in awe!

 Denver and Jason riding the race cars. (They were super slow and hard to drive)
 The Tea Cups totally rocked!!!
 D has always loved Pete for some reason... Here is Pete's Garage in Toon Town. It was the "Pit Stop" a.k.a. the restrooms.
 ok, this was Denver's absolute favorite thing. He is a bit obsessed with Mr Potato head right now, and this is a carousel of Mr. Potato Head. (One of two stores) You got a box and filled it with parts (as many as you can fit) for $19.99. Denver LOVED this.... We went to 2 stores that had this... Lets just say after shopping Denver said "OK, I think we have enough toys now" If a 4 year old says that... you know something is up....
 Mickey's House. It was so cute!
 Denver meeting Mickey and Minnie. He walked up to Minnie and told her she looked pretty.... Such a ladies man.
 He was so excited to meet everyone and get them to sign his book. :-)
 Me and my baby love at the Castle.
 HOLY CUTEST BABIES EVER BATMAN!!! I mean seriously! LOOK at 'em.
 Just D... being cuteness little D... with Mickey ears.
 and my sweet girl with her Minnie Ears.
 My dad and me before the 5K... It was COLD! I didn't get any pictures of Jason. His race started at 5:35 AM and to be on the course to cheer, you had to catch a bus no later than 4:00 AM.... I told Jason that I LOVED him so...and if he really wanted me there, I'd be there.... but he said I could sleep instead! :-) He did an AWESOME job though. When I get pics from the NF folks, I'll post them!
 Denver and Mr. P H
 The dragon made out of Lego's. D LOVED the LEGO store too. We are now the proud owners of a LEGO Buzz Lightyear.
 My little Ladies Man
Sweet Loves!

p.s. Check out Lauren's blog... I'm her # 1 referring site...YAY for me! She's good times! (plus her Chocolate Silver Design goodies are fab)


Lauren said...

I "heart" your dad. How great that he ran with you.


How fun!!! Next time bring me :)

Anonymous said...

Love it!!! And all the pics :)