Saturday, February 12, 2011

fasting from facebook.

I never really fast... or participate in anything like that. I've never really given anything up, or fasted from eating all day or anything like that....
My church is doing "40 days of prayer and fasting"
At first I didn't even think much about it. I kind of shrugged it off, and didn't think twice. The next Sunday, it was mentioned again. and I felt convicted to participate. At first I thought "hmmmm, maybe Dr. Pepper, or sweets...or Dr. Pepper AND sweets..." Easy enough, right?"

Then I thought, what do I love... What do I do everyday, and every night... what am I OBSESSED with?

That took me a whole 2 seconds to figure out. Then it was stuck... It was stuck in my head and in my heart that I had to fast from facebook... BUT HOW?? That takes up my day. If I'm bored... not bored, busy ..NOT...  busy.... I'm on facebook. I'M ALWAYS ON FACEBOOK!
The first day came and went and I was still on FB. I continued to check it a million times a day, and "forgot" about my fast.

The Sunday after it started is when it hit me... I did forget a little. really.... But last Sunday is when I actually started my fast from facebook. No facebook. No checking it. Period. I am signed out of FB on my phone and my computer, and NOT allowed to check it.

Now, I will be honest. I have gotten a few messages on it, and I have signed in to reply... BUT, that was all. I replied to the message and signed right back out. I didn't check any feeds, any pages... NOTHING!

It is actually pretty amazing how I just instinctively push the facebook icon on my iPhone. Its like it is second nature. Shows me how much I actually go on it in just one day. Then I see that I am signed out, and instantly remember my conviction.

All-In-All I don't miss it. It took up way to much of my time. It gives me more time for the more important things in life. And less tie worrying about "so-and-so's" status and what it actually meant.

I'm learning quite a bit from it, and I am really glad that I am doing it. (And I'm only a week in)

So, after 40 days, who knows... I may be back, and I may not. We'll see. If I am back, I am sure it will be a VERY minimal amount.

Much love to all!

(p.s. anything and everything posted to my facebook account is done from an outside page via a "share" button. THIS will be the final post "shared" because I am fasting 100% now.)

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