Monday, February 14, 2011


Denver, that is. He is one stubborn little boy. I really have no idea where he got it. :-)
Back up a week or so, and Denver is starting to get a little sick. Snot, cough, snot....LOTS of snot... Then add "mama, my ear hurts" to the bunch, and we have a sick little boy. I honestly would have never thought anything because he was playing like it was going out of style. He had enough energy to fuel a coal train and would NOT STOP, ALL week. So, yes, I was a little surprised to hear he had a sinus infection, and an inner ear infection. (other than the snot)

SO, I am not sure if I have ever mentioned this before but this little boy DOES. NOT. TAKE. MEDICINE.
I mean, flat out refuses to do it. I am talking in-the-hospital-after just having-major-surgery-on-HIS-HEAD-and-still-wouldn't-take-medicine kind of refusal.

We've tried EVERYTHING... SO, don't go trying to give me any kind of advice on how to get him to take his medicine... because we have already tried it. TRUST ME.

We tried just medicine. (duh)
We tried mixing - food, applesauce, Popsicles, ice cream, dr. pepper, juice, ketchup, ALL sorts of food and like.
We tried being forceful. I MEAN holding him down, and shoving it down his throat. In return of THAT, we got throw up. It's good times.
We tried taking everything away. I mean everything. Just recently for 4 days - Denver was either sitting at the kitchen table in front of his medicine or in the middle of the living room floor. Doing NOTHING. - Yeah, we got no where with that.
We tried letting him take it on his own time... With THAT, he got let than half  a teaspoon down in a little over 4 hours. (Not gonna work considering you have to take the Rx every 6 hours....

SO, I had a little chat with his pedi. We had a few choices. 1 - The oral meds. (Nope) 2 - a pill for him to swallow. (considering his gag reflexes, I'm gonna say its a little early for that) 3 - capsules that we could sprinkle over food (for some reason, the Dr. wasn't to fond of this one.. and 4 - 3 rounds of shots.

OUCH! We went with option 4. Denver got a BIG shot in each leg Friday afternoon. Then again this morning, and he will get 2 more on Wednesday.
He will choose ANYTHING, and I mean ANYTHING over taking medicine. So shots it is.
Apparently these shots are fairly strong. Denver has had trouble walking for a few hours after he has received them. Really funny to watch. Sad, but funny.

I would post a picture of Denver getting the gigantic shots, but I was to busy trying to restrain him from kicking the kind nurse in the face to grab my camera. :-)

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