Thursday, May 8, 2008

A Day in the Life…..

I really do not have a lot to talk about at the time. I will next week, Denver’s big # 2 (no…not # 2…. His 2nd birthday is Saturday) so I will definitely have that to talk about.

BUT for now…here is a Day in the life of. Katy.

6:12 am Alarm Clock Goes off….Snooze

6:21 am Alarm Clock Goes off…Snooze

6:30 am Alarm Clock….Goes off…again….Snooze…..

6:39 am…Alarm Clock….goes off…snooze….again…..

6:48 am…..alarm clock goes off….I get up……FINALLY!

6:50 – 7:20 am Brush teeth, Shower, Primp, dry hair and dress…quickly!

7:22 am Go tell sleeping Denver good bye for the day…he is so sweet!

7:23 am Leave House…without breakfast, grab a granola bar or fill up a baggy of cereal for the road.

7:24 – 8:00 am TRAFFIC…Ugh!

8:02 am Late….as usual, Get to work.

8:03 – 10:15 Work, work, work….phone call after nagging phone call.

Customer: “My daughter’s princess birthday party is in 3 weeks and I need my invitations tomorrow!”

Me: “Sorry, No!”

Customer: “Please I’ll pay extra, anything!”

Me: “No, can’t do it. You’ll have it within our guaranteed processing time”

Customer: “But that is too late. I’ll have to go somewhere else”

Me: “Oh, I’m so sorry. Thanks, and have a great day! Bye.”

10:15 am Break! Snack time. Usually some wheat thins, they are actually pretty tasty!

10:30 – 12:30 ish Back to work….Calls, emails….wishing I didn’t have a headband stuck on my head with a cushy thing in my ear and a stick across my face….(my phone thingy-ma-bob)

12:30 pm LUNCH!! Yay!!! I love to eat. We have a full kitchen here, so I like to bring stuff and cook it….if I don’t I’ll go to the nearby give yourself a heart attack at a young age restaurant and get a quick bite to eat there!

1:15 – 3:00 pm Back to work…I usually take a short lunch…I like to get overtime!!! BRING IT!

3:00 pm BREAK! I love breaks….I just sit there and do nothing!

3:15 – 5:00 pm Work…count down the seconds before I can go home. Sometimes I get my exercise ball out and sit on it, then I get tired of sitting there and holding myself up, so I sit back in my comfy chair with my pillow! I kinda have it made here. I get to wear jeans to work every day! AND FLIP FLOPS! SWEET!

5:00:01 pm LEAVE, go home….

5:01 – 5:45 TRAFFIC, I HATE TRAFFIC. I usually spend this time on the phone, with anyone.

5:45 pm Pick up Denver from my parents house. Hang out there for a while…maybe long enough to see what is for dinner and if I want to munch off of them any!! J PLUS I love them and I like to spend time with them.

6:15 pm Head home, let Porsche out, give Denver a snack while I make him dinner.

6:30 pm Turn on Wheel of Fortune!!! Clean up the house, laundry if needed, clean up the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom ect…..

6:45 pm Feed the hungry child. Sit with him to be sure he eats because if I don’t he will end up taking a bite then running into the living room to play…running back to the table for another bite, back to play. So, I sit with him.

7:00 pm Jason gets home, we say hello…kiss kiss, hug hug.

7:15 pm Jason or myself starts dinner.

7:30 – 8:00 pm We eat, clean up dinner. Watch whatever shows may be on that particular evening.

8:00 pm It’s night night time. Let’s clean up our toys and go pee pee poo poo. Let’s brush our teeth and take a bath!! Yay!!!!!

8:15 – 8:30 pm Try to get Denver to go pee pee poo poo in the potty. Brush his teeth and give him a bath. Put his P.J.s on and get ready for bed.

8:30 pm Give Denver his cup of milk. He relaxes on the couch with us every night before bedtime. It is our special time. I love it!! He is so sweet before bedtime!!!

8:45 – 9:00 pm Time for night night!! Night Night Denver!!! (that’s a song Jason sings.)

9:00 pm BREATHE!!!!!!!!!!!! It is time to relax. Watch a little bit of T.V. until I realize I am ready for bed……Wow, that didn’t take long.

9:45 pm Brush my teeth, wash my face, put my pjs on…in bed.

10:00 pm NIGHT NIGHT!!!


Anonymous said...

First thing that comes to mind after reading it..."Can't Get Enough of this Everyday Love" (Rascal Flatts) oh and also "I HATE TRAFFIC TOO" and gas prices that keep getting higher which is making driving to work more and more costly :)

Misty said...

wow that was very detailed Katy! did you take a day, and write down the times as you went? ;O) i love to eat too so that made me laugh when you wrote that lol i love you Katy and i can't wait to see you sooooon!

Amy Renee Guinn~Johnson Frauhausen said...

Wow my day might not be as fun filled as your normal routine. hahaha here's mine

7:58- Crawl out of bed
8:37- Barely get to work on time
12:30- Hungry but too busy to stop and eat
5:15- Must. leave. work. tired.
6:00- Watch tv and zone out until 10.

OK that's not every day but I like to do that at least twice a week. HA