Saturday, January 24, 2009

month in review.

Wow! What a month! So much has happened, yet it feels like nothing. (weird, right?)
Christmas has come on gone, and 2009 is right in our face and off to a great start.
I apologize for my lack of blogging, but boy have I been one busy girl. As well as being a bad friend, sister, wife and mother. I miss everyone! I have not been to see my dear bff, Chelsey and her new, beautiful, perfect daughter Ellie yet. I have not seen my bestest friend, Jessica and been able to give her the hug I have been waiting to give her since we have been coming up with baby names in junior high. I have not seen my best friend and sister and been able to hang out with her in forever. I have seen my husband and my son for about a hour a day, if that long.....
Long story short, work is my life right now. I never thought Iwould hear myself say that. My new job started on January 5th and has been in full swing ever since. Bob's opened its doors on Friday the 16th for a soft opening and ever since I have been working 12 hour days to help get the place up and running smoothly. Monday was the official first day. They finally hired a maitre d' on Wednesday, which gave me ONE night off, but due to the fact that they still have no hostesses, I went back the next day to continue the 12 hour tradition.
I am so worn out. So tired. So sleepy. So weak. - Not only am I all of those and more, I have also made myself a little sickly. I ignored it as long as I possibly could and finally went to the doctor early Friday morning - to hear them say..."if it gets worse over the weekend, go to the emergency room." I kind of ignored what they said and continued to work. This morning I woke up feeling like poo, and made the dreadful call to my boss that I could not work tonight. As bad as I felt for letting him down, I would have never made it through another night. My normal hours are 8:30 to 4:30 Monday through Friday. Instead I have been working 8:30 am to 8:30 pm Monday through Saturday. Ugh! I hope that this next week I will resume my normal schedule.
With all that said, I do love my job. I am really enjoying what I do. If Ihave towork, I am glad it is this I am doing!
On to other news. You migth be, or might not be wondering about my challenge....right? Remember this one....? Well, GREAT NEWS! I've lost the weight PLUS some! I am so very excited. I am down to my goal weight, and able to wear a few shirt, and pants that I was not before!! (without looking pregnant) Yeah!! SO...sorry for you, I do not have to post the horrible pictures that started this whole thing! :-)
My sweet Denver is growing like a log. (does that even make sense?) He jas started talkinglike crazy. It sort of just happened overnight. He is so funny!! :-)
I would go off about the inaguration, and my thoughts about it, but that is a whole other post. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, a few pictures....

(Last 2 pics by none other than STEPHANIE DAVIS!!!!)

Oh, and my rendition of Material Girl......



Jess said...

Yay!!! A post! So good to see your singing skills. That put a HUGE smile on my face. I miss you too much! That doesn't make me smile.
I am glad you are liking this job, but sad you are sick and worn out from it! Take care of you! I have been doing not a lot except for : babysitting, eating, sleeping, eating...mostly hamburgers. Strange, right? We are back in a few short weeks and I already got approval from the hubby that I can stay for a week if I want! So I will take you up on that hug and a few nights with my bff!!!!

Jess said...

Oh---and the pics from Steph are a.m.a.z.i.n.g. Isn't she the best photographer ever?!

Lauren said...

I usually can ask mom and dad about how you are, but they've been busy. I was curious about how the new restaurant job was going-i figured you were busy. Why can't you find any hostesses???? Denver is sooooo cute!

Wilson Family said...