Wednesday, April 6, 2011


I can remember when I was younger and would pretend to be sick to stay home from school. I would even go as far as putting the thermometer up to a lightbulb to make my fever look higher. {that is until it got a little to hot and burned my tounge...OUCH}
My mom would stay home with me, or sometimes I would go camp on my dads couch in his office. They waited on me hand and foot, made me sprite and crackers, soup, or whatever it was that I needed.....
Some things never change.

I'm am a sad little sick girl. It started last week when D was sick. He had a fever and a horrible cough.....of course this was the week Jason was out of town....
D slowly got better and I slowly started to feel a little tickle in my throat. Then B started to have a slight cough. I started to cough a little bit more, but figured it was just a little cold.
I would work through it, do the laundry, clean house....blah blah blah. Yesterday I went into work and although I felt pretty lousy...I worked through the day.
After work I went to the doctor {only because Jason said he was going too and I figured I'd get a little boost to get better faster}
At the doctor, she surprised me when she told me I was actually SICK.... Mind you I try and milk it big time when I'm sick... I mean BIG TIME. But I didn't think I was REALLY sick......
Turns out, I have tonsilitis, and Jason is right behind me with "almost" tonsilitis.
I got home after the doctor and its like I hit a brick wall, my fever shot up, I was shivering and it was like I was under water. My head was so full and congested I seriously though I was run over by a bus. I do not remember the last time I was that sick. I went to bed at 9:00 and both of my sweet kids must have known that I needed rest because they BOTH slept till about 10 am! WOW!
Now, back to the chicken noodle soup.... Last night my sweet mom whipped some up {after a sad little text from yours truely} and had my dad deliver it to us. Love them so much! I'm pretty sure the soup is what made me feel better, {not the HUGE shot that made my butt sore,OW-EE or the Z-pac}
Anyway, thanks to my amazing husband and my great parents, I am hanging in there.... and just about on the downhill side of recovering. UGH! I DO NOT like being sick!

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Misty said...

omgosh poor family!! hope by today you are feeling better!! :) sweet parents. aren't we blessed to have family like them who will do things like that? love you Katy, miss you! hopefully we can see each other briefly before Casen arrives! running out of time lol