Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall in Texas

Most of you know that if I could pick, I'd pick NOT to live in Texas. I'd choose COLORADO.... New Mexico, even Arizonia over TEXAS... I mean seriously.... It's HOT... Humid.... there is not a mountain in sight. I mean all I have to look at around here is the big hill on Alsbury. {such a pretty sight}
Really though, I'm happy here - simply because my family is here. My friends, and we are good.
The one other thing I will say I love about Texas, is the Fall weather. I always post my "ode to fall" onthis blog. {2009, 2008, & 2007 post}.
So, besdes the OBVIOUS of this year of why I am LOVING fall...

{I am and have ALWAYS been a Ranger fan... I'm not one of those "oh! They're winning, I'm a fan" - fan.}
I ALSO love the fall season because...
1. The weather is beautiful. Perfect play outside, go for a walk, sleep with the window open weather. So beautiful and that crisp smell of "winter is almost here" is awesome!
2. Fall means CHRISTMAS is just around the corner. It is taking me a bit longer to get into the Christmas mood this year. I blame this on the fact that I was hugging the toilet 90% of last Christmas.
3. Fall means MARATHON season! This year we are planning on running THREE!!! All for our special guy and NF Hero, Denver. The passion is still there, and I do not think will EVER go away untill there is a cure.
4. Fall means new shows... Although this has already started.. I'm still excited. I am still a true Grey's fan, and loving some of the new shows too!
5. Fall me more friend time. There is just someting about the fall and holiday season that brings everybody together.
6. Fall means more family time. (see above) :-)

Ok, I am totally distracted... But you get the idea. :-) Much love. GO RANGERS!

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